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1379040 - IDES ERP 6.0 ECC 6.0 incl. EHP4

Reason and Prerequisites

last minute information - will be updated if required

1 Terms Of Usage Due to security reasons we strongly recommend that you do NOT install the IDES demo system in the same network as your productive environment. Please separate the demo environment from your productive environment. Also we do not recommend that real master data (e.g. client copy of productive systems) is set up in the IDES system. Please note that the IDES shipment is a service from SAP on a voluntary basis. It is not allowed to use IDES systems in production or as productive systems in order to generate revenue.
2. Components The IDES installation package contains the following component: SAP ERP 6.0 ECC 6.0 - unicode It is the ABAP-AS which contains the data of the model company in client 800.

3. Hardware Requirements MS-SQL  ORACLE  MaxDB  DB2/UDB  DB2/OS400  DB2/OS390 DB size (GB):   230  300      290    180      300         340 The DB2 UDB for Unix/Windows Installation bases on the auto-extend option of Version 9.

 4. License-/ contract conditions The installation package is available for free for all customers and partners with a valid license for SAP ERP 6.0

5. Ordering Please use for eample the Software Catalog of the SAP Service Market- place to order the installation package for IDES SAP ERP 6.0: http://service.sap.com/swcat

6. Installation Please use the standard Installation Guide to install the IDES system. The installation procedure is more or less identical to the standard installation. The only differences are the IDES specific Installation Master DVD that is part of the shipment and four 8 GB DB-Export-DVDs instead of two DVDs. Please make them available in parallel - on disk or with DVD drives - and read file 'Readme.txt' on root level of the first DB-Export DVD. After the installation, start a complete load generation with transaction SGEN. Ignore the pre-selection with "Regenerate the objects of the last run" (with the message: "There are still 131.804 objects from an earlier selection to be generated"), choose option "Generate All Objects of Selected Software Components", 'Select All' components and 'Continue' until the start of the generation. It will run several hours, depending on the hardware. 32 bit / 64 bit Support

The standard procedure to install SAP ECC 6.0 now supports only 64 bit environments (hardware and operating-system). If your environment offers 'only' 32 bit support, you have to set up your IDES ERP 6.0 ECC 6.0 system not as a normal installation but as a system copy. And that means, you have to modify your DB-Export-DVDs on disk (see description below).

How to prepare the four Export-DVDs for an installation as a System-Copy in order to use 32 bit hardware:

Copy all four DB-Export DVDs to disc. They have the structure
- DVD1
- DVD2
- DVD3
- DVD4
EXP4 to EXP11

Now move all files from DVD2/EXP2/DATA  to DVD1/EXP1/DATA
Now move all files from DVD3/EXP3/DATA  to DVD1/EXP1/DATA
Now move all files from DVD4/EXP4/DATA  to DVD1/EXP1/DATA

Now modify file DVD1/EXP1/LABEL.ASC
Change the text line in the file with an editor

Now start sapinst from the Master-DVD with the option:
Software Life-Cycle Options
System Copy
Database Software
Target System Installation
Central System
Based on AS ABAP
Central System
and Next

This option allows still an installation on 32 bit hardware and/or 32 bit operating systems.

When SAPinst asks for the 'Installation Method' choose
'Standard System Copy / Migration (load based)'
When SAPinst asks for the 'Migration Export' choose
the path to ../DVD1/EXP1'
The next steps are the same as for the 'normal' installation and described in the standard installation guide.
7. Usage/User The data of the IDES model company can be found in client 800. The clients 810,811,812 are very small and contain examples for ALE scenarios. In the clients 000/001 you can logon with DDIC and SAP* with the password you have defined at the beginning of the installation as 'Master-Password', in the clients 8xx with the password 19920706 / 06071992 and in all clients with IDADMIN / ides The system already contains more than 20 languages. Use transaction SMLT to check the status and set the system profile parameter zcsa/installed_languages accordingly to use them.

8. Cross Component Information The IDES ECC 6.0  system is part of an integrated IDES demo landscape that consists of several other IDES SAP Business Suite components. From this SAP internal landscape is also available for customers and partners: CRM 7.0 and SCM 7.0 (these two IDES components will be available soon). You will find a documentation how to connect these systems to each other attached to this note soon. Please note that IDES systems already contain a number of Support Packages and the functionality of the system landscape should already work right after the installation. You can import additional Support Packages into the system. When you do so, you must check wether there are any dependencies to other components in which you may have to adjust the Support Package level as well. It is always recommended to use the latest update of the unicode Kernel.

9. Support For general installation problems use the standard components - for example - BC-INS-NT or BC-INS-UNX to create a customer message in the SAP Service Marketplace: http://service.sap.com/message For IDES specific problems use component XX-IDES.

10. Last minute information Expiring tickets/certificates: If you get a (similar warning) directly after the logon: "License expiration date: XX.XX.200X (in 10 days)", please proceed like this: -Execute report SSF_ALERT_CERTEXPIRE -> As a result you will see a list of already imported certificates and their expiration date. Tickets that are expiring soon are high- lighted in red, tickets that are already expired are highlighted in yellow -Execute transaction STRUST to delete by expired and expiring tickets Problems with System ID: Please do not use ERP as SID for your IDES system. This will lead to logon failures once the system is installed. Warnings with client copy: When performing client copies, a number of warnings/errors will occur with the information to do postprocessing manually. These errors can be ignored. Error: Error: 'CX_SLD_API_EXCEPTION' (e.g. when trying to use transaction SLDAPICUST): Please find a short document attached to this note.




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