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SAP solution manager 7.2 basis tcodes (Transaction Codes)

SMSY - solution manager System Landscape Service - Solution Manager System Landscape
SOLUTION_MANAGER - SAP solution manager Service - Solution Directory
DSWP - SAP solution manager Service - Solution Directory
SOLMAN_SETUP - SAP solution manager Configurations Service - Solution Manager System Set-Up and Configuration
SOLAR01 - SAP solution manager: Bus. Blueprint Service - Solution Manager Implementation
SWDC - Workflow Definition: Administration Basis - SAP Business Workflow
SAINT - Add-On Installation Tool Basis - Online Correction Support (Support Package and Add-On Tools)
SDCCN - Service Data Control Center Service - Service Data Download
RZ20 - CCMS Monitoring Basis - Monitoring
SOLAR02 - SAP solution manager: Configuration Service - Solution Manager Implementation
SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN - Project Administration Service - Solution Manager Implementation
CRM_DNO_MONITOR - Transaction Monitor CRM - Service Order
SOLMAN_WORKCENTER - SAP solution manager: Work Centers Service - Solution Manager
SMSY_SETUP - System Landscape Maint. Settings Service - Solution Manager System Landscape
LMDB - Technical System Editor Service - Solution Manager System Landscape
SECSTORE - Administration of Secure Storage Basis - Security
RZ21 - CCMS Monitoring Arch. Customizing Basis - Monitoring
SDCC - Service Data Control Center Service - Service Data Download
RZ70 - SLD Administration Basis - System Landscape Directory/Component Repository
AISUSER - SAP Support Portal User Maintenance Service - SAP Solution Manager Service Connection Management
IB52 - Change IBase App. Platform - Installed Base
SOLAR_EVAL - solution manager: Project Analysis Service - Solution Manager Implementation
STWB_WORK - Tester worklist Basis - Test Organizer
BDLS - Convert Logical System Names Basis - ALE Integration Technology




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